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I felt like I was part of a community and I could fully be myself.

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A friendship unfolds between 4 people with vastly different histories around a cup of coffee leading to a path of self-discovery and meaning. 

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Francisco Alcala
Alejandra Alcala
Patti Bartelstein
Justin Maxon
Athan Merrick
Chema Mumford
Bad Owl Music
Doug Hewitt
Julie Richter
Angèlica Ekeke
1951 Coffee Company


San Francisco, California 

Film's impact goal

Through 4 diverse but interconnected stories, this documentary will reveal the challenges of refugee resettlement in the United States and shine a light on how community driven education and integration can significantly increase the resettlement success. The goal is to engage people, foundations, and social investors to support 1951 Coffee Company programs.
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The Issue

While resettlement in the United States, or obtaining the asylee status sounds like a dream come true, refugees experience major challenges as they transition to their new lives. The issues are many, from the lack of English language proficiency, relevant job skills, and cultural understanding, to the difficulty in receiving recognition for their credentials, as well as discrimination, among others. 
Even though there are U.S. refugee resettlement programs, they generally have limited resources, tight budgets, and their assistance programs have quick timelines that often fall short of a newcomer’s needs. There is a strong case that
expanded education, language learning, and employment programs are needed to ensure a refugee’s access to long-term self-reliance.

About the Solution


1951 Coffee Company
1951 Coffee Company is a nonprofit that runs 3 welcoming coffee shops in the Bay Area, and offers barista training and employment to refugees, providing them with opportunities for dignified jobs, good wages and benefits, and sets them on a path of self-determination, and welcome entries into their new communities. Furthermore, it provides the surrounding communities with a simple way to turn a daily routine — buying a cup of coffee — into a life-altering opportunity for someone in their world. Its name derives from the year that the UNHCR, at the 1951 Refugee Convention, first established guidelines for the protection of refugees. These protections were further expanded in the 1967 Protocols, giving the UNHCR a global mandate.

Time Frame 

ROI Ratio

$1 to $4

Take Action

1. Donate to 1951 and make barista programs bigger
2. Buy coffee 
3. Host a virtual coffee screening
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