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Filmed by critically acclaimed filmmaker and team member, Ed Kashi, HOME Storytellers presents to you the official trailer for “Hot Dogs on a Tricycle”. A short documentary that illustrates forced migration and sheds light on Asylum Access wonderful refugee work through Mario's story. Mario and his mother are 2 out of hundreds of thousands of people who are fleeing violence in the Northern Triangle countries each year. When families first arrive to Mexico to seek safety, they face many challenges. If they have not yet received refugee status, they have no access to basic rights, including work, education and medical care. This is why organizations like Asylum Access Mexico are so important. 

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Every time our documentaries are being screened or shown at a film festivals we are awakening the world to critical subject matters through the voices of those who need to be heard.


Anyone interested in hosting a screening, let us know and we will be happy to help anyway we can!

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Home Storytellers combats the global human refugee crisis with vibrant visual storytelling, bringing attention to proven and sustainable solutions.

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