Right then I said to myself, here is where my life will change. 

Project 1


Hot Dogs on a Tricycle


Released May 2019


10 minutes


Ed Kashi 
Francisco Alcala
Carolyn Goldman 
Alejandra Alcala
Marcos del Villar


Each year, hundreds of thousands of people flee the violence in the Northern Triangle countries. When families first arrive in Mexico to seek safety, they are faced with many challenges. Among them, their lack of access to basic rights. This film portrays the story of Mario, a 17 year old El Salvadorian boy, who after an extremely difficult and exhausting journey to fight for his dignity, was able to rebuild his life after successfully obtaining the refugee status in Mexico.

In Support of 

Asylum Access

Film’s Impact Goal

Watch film
To scale refugee legal empowerment programs 


May 2019 — Present

For every $1 invested in Hot Dogs on a Tricycle's production, Asylum Access received $4

Amount generated in donations for Asylum Access by people who watched the film

Companies that joined Asylum Access' Hospitality Route Program

Number of refugee families Hot Dogs on a Tricycle has helped in finding safety and accessing their rights.



1:4 ratio


ROI Ratio

Since the release of the film in May 2019, the impact produced has been achieved through a few events and digital communications. Asylum Access is preparing a campaign which will escalate the film’s impact and continue to make human rights a reality for refugees. 
The film also helped to initiate conversation in Asylum Access about the importance and power of communication, especially visual communication, as well as the importance of putting the human stories of their clients at the center of how they present themselves.

About the Solution


Asylum Access
Asylum Access is a US-based nonprofit organization that empowers refugees to become their own champions by giving refugees the tools to advocate for themselves and by encouraging host governments to expand refugees’ rights and opportunities. Asylum Access uses a human rights-based approach to help refugees rebuild in Mexico. Using combined efforts in legal empowerment, government capacity building, and private and social sector partnerships, Asylum Access improves access to and quality of asylum for thousands of refugees in Mexico.
The Hospitality Route, launched in 2016, creates human connections among refugees and all sectors of society that harness refugees’ talent and potential to enrich their host communities. The Hospitality Route’s online platform links individual clients to professional, economic, social and cultural opportunities offered by partners. These connections transform isolated efforts in welcoming refugees into a unified national network of organizations and institutions committed to including refugees in all aspects of society.

Take Action

Hosting a screening is a great way to create impact and initiate important conversations. You can your screen Hot Dogs on a Tricycle with your friends, family or at your workplace!
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