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We use the power of visual storytelling to amplify solutions.


About us

Our unique approach

We believe that bringing solutions to scale is made up of 4 parts. Click on section to scroll down.
01.    The ordinary becomes extraordinary 
02.    Empathy...radical empathy 
03.    Narrative transportation 
04.    Change agents
We bring a new light to the refugee crisis by profiling refugees who inspire through determination and positive life transforming experiences. We find stories, and by stories, we do not mean another tragic refugee story. We highlight the remarkable stories that need to be shared of refugees who have become role models in their community and the community at large.

The ordinary becomes





Empathy... radical empathy


We believe radical empathy is key. In order to put ourselves inside the experience of another, we provide refugees the space to share their stories. We also believe in the importance of developing strong relationships with the subjects, the unique connection that can only happen when one makes the time and has true compassion to really know the story. We believe this approach is what sets us apart from other visual storytellers. We are driven by the power of connectivity.
Narrative Tranportation
The ordinary
Change Agents

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Impact is maximized when the right players join the game. Each organization has their own set of skills, resources and strengths. We know ours is telling stories. Below is a visual representation of what each project's success looks like. Imagine how much we could accelerate change if we work together towards a common goal.

Change agents


Our approach is artful and cinematic. We believe that the effectiveness of a film that reaches the minds and hearts of viewers is increased by the strength of the story, the aesthetics, and making the audience feel that they are "inside" the story.


Narrative transportation

Anchor 1
Founding story

The founding story

A father & daughter duo

HOME Storytellers was born in late 2018 when Francisco and Alejandra’s paths were united through their common love for visual storytelling. A love that they have transformed and shared with refugees. Little did they know, that this journey would also bring them closer. 
There are always two sides to every story. Click on their photos to discover them.
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