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It is because of There is Hope that I am who I am today.

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Currently raising funds for production. Production dates TBD until COVID -19 travel circumstances improve




Francisco Alcala
Alejandra Alcala


Life-threatening violence forced Jacques and family to flee his accommodated home in conflict-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo to a refugee camp challenging his determination to rebuild his existence.

In support of 

There is Hope 


Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi

Film's impact goal

To raise $300,000 in incremental funding to scale There is Hope's vocational training programs
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About the Solution


There is Hope

Time Frame 

There is Hope is a Malawian based nonprofit organization founded by a former refugee and one of Obama Foundation’s African Leaders 2019, Innocent Magambi. There is Hope is based in Dowa, a few minutes walk from Dzaleka, Malawi's largest refugee camp home to more than 42,000 people. Working towards a future where refugees and their host community escape poverty and become self-reliant, There is Hope provides Education Scholarships, Advocacy, Social Enterprise, Leadership Development and Vocational Training.

ROI Ratio

$1 to $4

About the issue

We seldom hear anything about Malawi and very few people know of its existence. It is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Still, because of its stability compared to other countries in Africa, it has become home to thousands of refugees. The Dzaleka refugee camp, near the capital Lilongwe, is overpopulated with more than 42,000 people living in extreme poverty conditions.  On average, the wait for resettlement is 17 years.   
Jacques Kabongo’s story is proof that with opportunity and the right tools to succeed, refugees can not only escape poverty and become self-reliant, but they can also give back to their community.  It is of critical importance to share Jacques’ story to create awareness around the refugee crisis in Malawi and what is being done to combat it. Thanks to There is Hope, a Malawian NGO providing access to education and income generating activities to the refugees, Jacque has a real success story to share.  The goal of Home Storytellers is to tell this inspiring personal story to our global community and give a direct route to make real positive impact for Malawian refugees so they too can have opportunities and a fair chance in our interconnected world.

Take Action

Help us make this film a reality. By donating to SAWDUST's production, you will be part of making vocational training an opportunity for many more refugees. 
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