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How does Home Storytellers help other nonprofit organizations?

Home Storytellers is continually searching for nonprofit organizations with proven and sustainable solutions to the refugee crisis. Our world-class multimedia storytellers document real stories of people who have been benefited by their work. The resulting films and photographs are donated to the nonprofit organization to help them highlight their work to a broader audience and make a deeper impression on them.


How does Home Storytellers work?

We are proud to be an organization of world-class photojournalists and filmmakers with capabilities to create high quality images and films of meaningful personal stories that represent innovative and effective solutions to the refugee crisis.


Compelling visual storytelling is an effective and strategic mean for nonprofits to promote their mission and a proven approach to get the support of potential donors.


Home Storytellers partners with organizations in two ways:


Donated coverage:


While there is no formal application process, Home Storytellers staff continually research best practice organizations with proven and sustainable solutions to the refugee crisis. We look for innovation and success on protecting refugees’ safety, dignity, and human rights, their harmonious integration into the receiving communities, work on education, and development.

Once a nonprofit organization is selected and vetted, Home Storytellers sends a team to document their work. We create a film for them and provide access to all the still images. These storytelling assets are a powerful multiplier, raising significantly the beneficiary fundraising. Home Storytellers continues to promote our beneficiary organizations through our website and social media efforts.

Fee for service coverage:

Home Storytellers also works with foundations, non profit organizations, and corporations whose programs align with our mission, and who have a budget to support a Home Storytellers coverage. This is a fee-based service for a select number of client partners each year.

Opportunities include:

Create a Film. Humanize and Highlight Refugee Solutions with a Home Storytellers filmmaker who will document your program and create a compelling film.

Create an Image Collection of photographs by a Home Storytellers photographer that can be maximized across media platforms, acting as a centerpiece for websites, fundraising, conferences, galas and exhibits.

Film and Image Collection.

Budgets are customized to fit each unique project. Home Storytellers is a program of 501c(3) public charity Empowerment WORKS, Inc.

Please contact us at

What is the relationship between Home and empowerment works, inc.? 

Empowerment Works Inc. is Home Storytellers’ fiscal sponsor. They provide 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, mentorship, and several other impact tools. Home Storytellers helps advance Empowerment Work’s charitable mission because of our shared values.

Can I donate funds or appreciated stock to Home Storytellers? 

You certainly can!


Thank you for supporting solutions to the refugee crisis. Home Storytellers accepts donations via:



Please send check donations to:
Empowerment WORKS Inc.

Attn: Home Storytellers
9528 Colleton Place

Montgomery AL 36117 USA

Home Storytellers accepts donations of appreciated stock.

Home Storytellers also accepts donations through Donor Advised Funds. Please select Empowerment Works, Inc. EIN: 31-179-6801 and send us a email to letting us know of your donation.

How are beneficiary non profit organizations selected? 

Home Storytellers selects beneficiary nonprofit organizations through a rigorous review process and their commitment to a full partnership with us. The organizations are chosen based on the strength and sustainability of their solutions to the refugee crisis.

Can nonprofit organizations hire Home Storytellers to cover their programs? 

Yes. Nonprofit organizations whose work aligns with the Home Storytellers’ mission and are able to support film and video production may be able to work with Home Storytellers. In those cases, home storytellers will work in a fee for service capacity.

Who are Home Storytellers' partners?

In additions to individuals committed to making a difference, Home Storytellers’ partners include nonprofit organizations, foundations, media, and press.

Can I suggest a new partner organization?

You certainly can! Please send all suggestions and inquiries to info@homestorytellers.Org.

Are donations to Home Storytellers tax deductible?

Yes, Home Storytellers is a fiscally sponsored program by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Empowerment Works, Inc. All donations will receive a confirmation receipt containing Empowerment Works’s tax EIN number.


How do I make a gift of stock to Home Storytellers?

By giving stock, bonds or mutual fund shares that have increased in value since you acquired them, you may avoid paying capital gains on the appreciated value and make a larger gift to Home Storytellers. If you itemize on your U.S. federal tax return, you may claim a charitable income tax deduction up to 30% of your adjusted gross income for such gifts and carry the excess forward over the ensuing five years. If you are planning to give a gift of stock to Home Storytellers, it’s tax advantageous that you give the stock itself and not sell it yourself. Donors wishing to give stock to Home Storytellers can directly contact its Executive Director and Founder Francisco Alcala by email:

Home Storytellers combats the global human refugee crisis with vibrant visual storytelling, bringing attention to proven and sustainable solutions.

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