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Private Screenings

David Lund, HOME Storyteller's very esteemed Advisory Board Member, hosted a private screening at his house. It was so successful that it gave us an idea. What if we motivated people around the globe to host private screenings in their home with friends and family?

People are constantly reaching out to us asking how they can support us and many times finance isn't an option. Part of our mission at HOME Storytellers is raising global awareness and educating. We long to change the negative perception of the term "refugees" into a positive view point, where immigration can be seen as an opportunity and a strength.

For anyone with the desire to help, the best way to start is through your social network. Invite some friends over, buy some popcorn and a few beers and gather them around to witness the stories of refugees who have been positively impacted by an NGO.

Let us know if you are interested organizing a private screening so we can send you a guide to create your own event. You can also transform this evening into a fundraiser for the next HOME Storytellers documentary. By sharing our documentaries and spreading the word about HOME Storytellers you will become agents of positive change making the world a better place for refugees.


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