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Premiere Screening in San Francisco hosted by Asylum Access

On May 2nd, Asylum Access, our partner organization hosted an intimate premiere screening of Hot Dogs on a Tricycle at the Landmark Embarcadero Center Cinema in San Francisco.

Hot Dogs on a Tricycle is a short documentary that tells the story of Mario, a 17 year old boy who had to flee his hometown in El Salvador due to the violence of the Mara Salvatrucha gang. With the help of Asylum Access, Mario not only obtained a legal permit in Mexico but also began working in a factory that enabled him to live a safe and independent life.

After a few months of producing the film, we have finished the project and used this event to celebrate the "hand over" - when HOME Storytellers donates all the visual content produced to our corresponding partner organization so that they can use it to dramatically increase their fundraising.

Asylum Access invited some of their board members and most treasured private donors to witness this moment and be part of the beginning of a new era in their fundraising strategy. Hot Dogs on a Tricycle will amplify their solutions and Mario's story will soon become the story of the next Mario and Maria, and all the Marios and Marias to come.


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