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Behzad Jamshidi's Upcoming Event will support HOME Storytellers

We believe that if you are committed to a seeking a goal, you’ll find people along the way that share your convictions. HOME Storytellers was born because we believe in a better future for refugees and we use our passion for visual storytelling as a means to accomplish our mission. Chef Behzad Jamshidi, founder of Moosh, leads social change through his passion for food and hospitality.

This June 3rd, Tom Colicchio & Crafted Hospitality will be presenting an experience with Moosh as part of their pop up dinner series hosted at the Craft Private Dining Room. We are thrilled to announce that Behzad has decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales to support HOME Storytellers.

We could not be happier to have met Behzad and would like to introduce you to this inspiring man through a small interview.

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Behzad Jamshidi, I am Chef in New York City, born and Raised in Vancouver Canada. My family is originally from Iran, they came to North America as immigrants during the Iranian Revolution. I have always been surrounded my food, family and culture to some capacity. Food was the way that my parents carried their Iranian identity with them to North America, and we're able to both preserve and celebrate parts of their culture and density through their endless hosting of meals. So much of my identity now is a story teller, one that is inspired by all the colorful facets of my up-bringing. 

What do you do?

I am the Chef & Founder of Moosh NYC, which is Social Enterprise intended on bringing people together through the cultural exchange of food and stories. I work tirelessly to meet people, who are passionate and invested in what they do, and I position them into collaborations in projects that make an impact in the social space, and help us better exchange and celebrate our individual cultures. 

How are you impacting social change?

I connect a carefully curated community of artists and freelancers to projects in food and hospitality that have a definitive social impact, and a narrative arc around cultural exchange. We carefully create projects and initiatives at Moosh that have a definitive contribution towards the way that we as people see one another. Through the effects of our projects and collaborations, we want people to understand that we do not need to be from the same place, or speak the same language, but - through the course of sharing a meal with one another, we can understand the human density in each other, more so than any other communal act.

Why did you choose to support HOME Storytellers for this special event?

I chose Home Storytellers because there was an authenticity behind their mission that struck a chord with me. I use my parents story of hardship, loss and turmoil to empower people to look at our global citizens, and make an effective change in how we support those needing our rescue. It not enough to be aware of global issues any longer. We need to empathize with the cultures, cities, and people who need our support, so that we don't just feel fulfilled by spreading awareness, but we actively work towards contributing relief and creating change. Home Storytellers inspires that change, and moves people to action. We cannot advocate for change, unless we know who the change is for, what their names are, what kind of people we are manifesting our efforts for. 

If you are interested in assisting at the dinner and supporting HOME Storytellers, you can buy you ticket here:


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