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It takes ONE
story to change a

A donation of
Gift: Art Print
Details: 17x22 in + a set of 3 digital customizable postcards
Choose from: HOME Storytellers holiday collection + special guest
A donation of
Gift: Art Print
Details: 8.5x11 in
Choose from: HOME Storytellers holiday collection
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A donation of
Gift: Shoutout on social media
Details: Share with the world that you care about the refugee cause. Choose from: HOME Storytellers holiday collection
A donation of
Gift: Art Print
Details: 11x17 in
Choose from: HOME Storytellers holiday collection + special guest photojournalists
Free Postcard Flyer Mockup PSD For Prese
A donation of
Gift: A set of 3 digital customizable postcards
Details: Ready for print 4x6 in 
Choose from: HOME Storytellers holiday collection
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A donation of
Any amount
 No gift for me, thanks.
1,514 refugee families found safety and access to their rights because Mario shared his story in our film Hot Dogs on a Tricycle. 
If one single story has the power to change that many lives, how many more lives could be impacted if more stories were told?

HOME Storytellers has spent the past 2 years building a warm and safe space where refugees feel welcomed and encouraged to share their remarkable stories of self-reliance. We like to refer to this space as HOME. 


Our role is to elevate their inspiring voices while bringing incremental awareness and support to solutions that help refugees stand on their own two feet.

This holiday season, we are fundraising to close our $16,000 year-end financial gap. Your contribution will help HOME Storytellers continue to grow and share the stories that are increasing opportunities for refugees to lead independent and dignified lives.

​To show our gratitude, we have prepared a special holiday collection of fine art prints for you to choose from. With these beautiful art prints on your walls, we hope you will always be reminded of the HOME we are building together.

Prints will only be available for donations made in the month of December 2020.

HOME Storytellers Holiday Collection
Prints are limited editions. Please note that prints do not come with frame.
Special Guest Photojournalists Collection
Prints are limited editions and are released on a first come first serve basis. 
Has a story ever changed your life?
A social media campaign that explores the power of story to help people understand why our work as storytellers is crucial to changing the lives of refugees.

During the month of December, people all over the world will be sharing how a story has changed their life in one way or another.


You too can participate by sending us a 15s selfie video that completes the following phrase:

"I once heard a story about __________, and since then I ______________."

INSTRUCTIONS: Add your video file to our shared folder by clicking on the "Share my story" button. Title your file with your Instagram/Facebook name so we can tag you when posting your video. You can also post on your IG account and tag @homestorytellers

Follow us on social media to hear all the stories

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I'd like to know more details regarding the art prints

Art Prints
Prints are limited editions and are released on a first come first serve basis. Each print is expertly crafted by the fine art master printing lab of Dickerman Prints with archival pigment inks and premium paper designed to meet museum longevity requirements. These stunning prints will bring a world of life, love and story to your walls.
Please note that prints will not come with frame.

When would I receive my print?

Your print will arrive at your home 3-4 weeks after donation was made.

What will my money be used for?

HOME Storytellers is fundraising to close our 2020 financial gap. Even though we do our best to keep our operating expenses to a minimum, we do have certain expenses to cover that allow us to do our work. This involves the tools/editing programs we use, the fiscal sponsorship that allows us to legally function as a nonprofit,  the team behind our projects, communications, social media and brand development. 
The $16,000 goal will allow HOME Storytellers to finish the year at a breakeven point and continue with our 2021 film projects.
Digital Customizable Card

How do I customize it?

Free Postcard Flyer Mockup PSD For Prese
Once you have made your donation, you will receive a thank you email. If you are interested in customizing the message on your postcard, please reply to this email with the message you would like on your card. Within a few days after receiving your message, we will send you back your digital design ready for you to print in 4x6in.
Below are some examples of great messages to make the perfect gift these holiday seasons. 
Dear ( Lucy ) ,

A donation to HOME Storytellers has been made on your behalf. Thanks to you the refugee self-reliance story will continue to be told helping more refugees build independent and dignified lives.
With love,
You can also send an email to customize your card's message by clicking here.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.
Art Prints

Special guest photojournalists

There is only 1 print available of Ami Vitale's photo. The rest of the prints are limited editions and are released on a first come first serve basis. 
If you have selected an image from the special guest photojournalist collection as a gift for your donation level and there is no more availability, the HOME Storytellers team will notify you through email. You will be able to then chose another image from the HOME Storytellers collection.

Can I donate on a monthly basis?

For sure! Monthly donations are welcomed and encouraged.
So now you're probably wondering what gift will I receive from HOME Storytellers if I become a monthly donor?
Your gift level will be equivalent to the sum of 12 months of monthly donations. For example: If you donate $30 every month, then you would receive an 8.5x11in art print since the sum of $30 x 12 months is $350. 
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